Dog Boarding Suites

Here at Pawz and Company we make sure your pets are in the absolute best hands while you are away. We make them feel as if they were at home. Our team will keep your adored pet engaged and help them feel comfortable in our stress-free environment. You will never have to worry about your leaving your wonderful pet with us. We have a state of the art facility that ensures all aspects of your pet’s care.

So what will your cat, dog or pocket pet’s experience with us be like? We know that you really love your pet and want the best for them. That is why we will give them the same care you do. They will even have their own suite with state of the art features. Our Pawz and Company is a gorgeous facility. The high ceilings and glass doors really give your beloved pet the space they need and they just love it! They will never feel confined. Your pet will not only experience the warmth of the heated floors but they will have their hearts filled with warmth from our team as well.

Our Pawz and Company building was built with an outstanding passion for cats, dogs and pocket pets. We know you don’t want to leave your pets home while you’re away for any reason, so bring them to us. Whether you have a dog, cat, guinea pig, hedgehog, rabbit or another pocket pet, bring them to our state of the art facility where they will receive for passionate care and love.

  • We encourage you to bring with your pet their favorite toys that are easily washable.
  • Our insurance requires that your pet arrive and depart from the retreat with properly fitted collar and leash, or in a secure carrier. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Proof of vaccination and flea control. (see below for more information)
  • Please inform our staff if your pet requires any medication. We will administer FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Medications must be labeled with your pet's name, medication name, and dosage amount. It is recommended that your pet's medication be kept in the same package your veterinarian provided.
  • PLEASE inform us of any medical conditions that your pet may have!



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Cat Boarding Suites

Our Cat accommodations are second to none; each cat has its own room complete with all their amenities, personal kitty litter, climate control settings specific to their comfort levels, a large window to allow lots of sunlight, and even their own cat castle to climb and look out the window from.

All suites come with our basic boarding service.
Additional services (listed below) can be added to your daily cat boarding rate. Call us for details. Our daily cat boarding rate includes the following services completed each day:

  • Private suites are complete with climbing trees, scratching post, and window perches.
  • Spacious suites will be surrounded by windows for natural light where your cat can sit and be entertained by nature.
  • Our cattery has been designed with your feline friend in mind, to enjoy a playful and restful holiday stay.
  • To minimize stress, our feline suites are located in a separate section of the retreat apart from our canine guests.
  • Kitty litter trays, clumping litter and bedding will be provided.
  • Kitty litter trays will be disinfected and changed daily.

Pawz-56Pocket Animal Boarding

When people think of boarding centers, they naturally think of Dogs and Cats. However at Pawz and Company we cater to every animal in search of his or her vacation home. We have several rooms available for the care of what we have dubbed pocket animals. Our knowledgeable staff is comfortable in the handling and care of wide array of animals, everything from chinchillas to budgies, and is always ready to answer any of your pocket pet related questions you may have.