Here at Paws and Company we are more than just a boarding facility. Your darling pet will receive the attention and care they deserve. If you are wondering why you should choose Doggie Daycare for your pet that is a fabulous question. Do you want your pet to play with other fun-loving animals? Do you want all of your dog’s needs to be met while you’re away? If so, our Doggie Daycare program will be something your pet can enjoy.

In our Doggie Daycare program, our experienced team exercises your family pet so they can maintain their stability and health. Your dog will get to play alongside other dogs and enjoy their stay with us. When you take your pet home they will be ready to relax alongside you and be your cuddle buddy.

Our team will also ensure that your dog i supervised so they are always at their best with the other dogs. They will be matched with dogs who meet their standard of care. The smaller dogs can play with other like breeds and the same for the larger dogs. We will also base the Doggie Daycare groups based on their energy levels too so that your dog doesn’t get too worn out.

Our Doggie Daycare is supervised so your pet will be safe at all times. Your beloved pet will get to explore, run and rest so all of their needs are met. Contact us today and get your dog into a daycare where they can socialize and have fun.