Canine Hydrotherapy used in addition to a veterinary treatment plan and diet can vastly improve the quality and healing time following a surgery or injury. Here at Pawz and Company, we offer Hydrotherapy sessions as we have seen the success it has had on everything from rehabilitation to young and growing dogs that have been diagnosed with a development condition. We will work with you and your furry friend to work out a regiment of hydrotherapy sessions to better their quality of living, in much the same way that a physiotherapist would do with their clients.

The advantages to Hydrotherapy as opposed to standard physiotherapy are that it allows full movement in a reduced weight environment, increasing the muscle tone without causing harm to the damaged or weakened areas. Our Hydrotherapy aquatic treadmill allows our staff to monitor the dog’s progress as they move, accurately assessing their injuries and creating a work regiment tailored to their specificities.

  • Increase Joint Movement
  • Relief of Pain
  • Increases quality and speed of recovery
  • Cardio fitness
  • Aid for dogs with Hip Dysplasia

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Our Pawz and Company team cares about all aspects of your pet’s wellness. We know that your pet is loved by you and your family. We want you to know that your pets stay with us will be spectacular. You will have no worries when you bring your cat, dog or pocket pet to our state of the art facility. With heated floors, high ceilings and glass doors your pet will feel safe and comfortable at all times.

We always make sure that you pet gets their own care plan. Our team will cuddle them and spend time with them so they are never lonely. We even provide water therapy for animals with medical needs or if they need to lose weight. We also use ultra violet in the water your pet drinks. The ultra violet is used to kill all bacteria in the water. As you can tell, our team has thought about everything when it comes to caring for your pet.

Our Pawz and Company team will also provide the best nutrition for your adored pet as well. We have extensive resources to make sure your pet gets the balanced nutrition they need. The food we offer to your dog, cat or pocket pet will be only the best. Now you can go to work or take care of other things knowing your pet is in the best hands! We had your pet’s wellness in mind when creating our facility and both you and your pet will love it!